Ghost Mannequin Photography

Some people call them ghost mannequin others invisible mannequin and some call them cut-outs, we call them beautiful images carefully crafted with care & attention.

Whatever you call them by using our service we will create naturally dressed, symmetrical & complimentary images, perfect for your eCommerce site, magazine features, newsletters & other promotional material. 

It begins with a consultation where we will collectively create a style guide to fully understand your target market & how best to dress your items for maximum return. We can help use our years of experience to guide & suggest best practice to ensure your vision is delivered.

Some clients prefer their items to be shot flat to achieve a less 3D effect, please see our gallery for examples.

As a new client we recommend shooting a small sample of clothing before moving on to larger orders. Working on a small batch is the smart risk free way to fully understand your requirements.

Projects can be delivered from concept to final images within 1 week using our express service...... More details to follow.

We carefully select a small handful of clients who share our ethos of beautiful, premium & bold photography. 



All prices include basic retouching which includes a full invisible style image.

We do not offer discounts on volume, each image is carefully crafted & requires a set amount of time to pass our strict quality control. We create beautiful imagery as fast as we can, not quick imagery as cheap as we can.

Final images are ready from 5-10 working days, we do have an early express service. Please be sure to mention this at your consultation.



Consultations are free.




Ghost Mannequin (Per Garment)
£12 - First Image
£8  - Second Image
£5  - Additional Images

Flat Images (Per Garment)
£13 - First Image
£9  - Second Image
£6  - Additional Images

Extras (Per Image) 
£2 - PSD / PNG
£1  - Archival of images
£1  - Web Optimised

All prices exclude VAT

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